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Game Report

(5) Dallas Burn 3
(15) Jacksonville Cyclones 0

Dallas Burn 11... 

A fairly strong 11, with 2 rookies up top due to Jason Kreis's suspension for a red card in last year U.S. Open Cup. 

4 Broome

19 Rhine (11 Trellez '72)

8 Pareja (41 Eck  '55)

7 Santel (16 Suarez '45)

14 Alvarez

15 Deering

17 Zarco

12 Pollard

2 Dade

18 Farrer

1 Jordan

Jacksonville Cyclones 11...

26 Jose Marconi De Oliveria 7 Jorge Munoz
21 Jesus Ledesma 10 Alejandro Gonzalez 2 Daniel Care 20 Paul Tomaro
(25 Brian Nickerson '45)
13 Arron Simutowe 15 Vilhajalmur Vilhjalmsson 14 James Schmidt
(16 Mangea Cozier '45)
3 Tim Broderick
(22 Peter Santora '62)
1 Dadi Larusson

'15 - Rhine (Alvarez)
'35 - Rhine (Pareja)
'43 - Rhine (Broome)

1st Half Thoughts

The first half was 90% Burn possession.  Jacksonville struggled to move the ball through midfield and was forced to go over the top.  In the end, not an effective strategy with two shorter forwards.

Rhine was particularly effective as the slow back four for Jacksonville were overmatched.  The one fast defender, the left back #13 Simutowe, was totally outclassed by Zarco.  Santel abused the right side of #3 Broderick and #20 Tomaro.

1st goal: Rhine from Alvarez resulted from a botched Cyclone corner and a 5 on 3 Dallas break.  Rhine's' burst of speed to get by the central defender was impressive.

2nd goal: Rhine from Broome and Pareja.  A nice combination between Pareja and Broome on the right results in a cross.  Rhine beat his defender to the ball and headed near post.

3rd goal: Rhine from Santel and Broome.  Santel dribbles up from midfield, passes to Broom, who passes between defenders.  Rhine breaks on the ball, gets pushed from behind, keeps his feet, and finishes strongly.

2nd Half Thoughts

Suarez for Santel made sense, 3 nothing up, why not.  Jacksonville brought in a new forward, #16 Cozier,  moved #26 Oliveria to midfield and #2 Care to central defender.  Either the changes by both teams, or the score, changed matters.   For the first 15 or 20 minutes Jacksonville had their share of the ball and actually created several chances.

When Pareja went out at the '55 mark for Eck, the Burn became very ordinary.   After Trellez came in at '72 for Rhine, the teams became almost evenly matched.

One interesting moment came at '62 when Broome elbowed #3 Broderick with an audible crack.  Broderick immediately dropped to the ground and Broome played the ball out of touch.  Jacksonville was forced to sub in #22 Santora.  This is interesting considering with only a few minutes left Chad Deering very clearly called Broome a p**sy for not playing through the ball.

Overall Thoughts

Rhine has an explosive step, either first or last.  He continually closed down when it didn't look like he could, and blew by defenders on the break.  Oh yeah, nice hat trick.

Broome has a lot of speed but needs seasoning and playing time.  On three separate occasions he either ran a different direction than indicated by Pareja or just flat ran into him.  Plus he is still making some errant judgments on passes and timing.   Loads of potential though.  He is also a little bit dirty, perhaps he is trying to lose the "soft" label Deering gave him.

Pareja is the cog that makes the Burn flow, with out him they become a bunch of hackers.

Deering needs to pass on the ground more.  Too many of his passes arrive bouncing, many at head height.

Trellez's touch is awful.  The ball often bounces a couple yards away.  Not only that, he can't pass.  Rhine was much better on this night.  It would not be a surprise to see Rhine and Kreis up top for a while.

The vocal leader on the field is clearly Deering.  He and Jordan could be heard over the sparse crowd all night.  Captain Farrer says next to nothing.

Jordan made a great save in the second half after only touching the ball a couple times.  He should be commended for staying fresh and alert through the first half with no action.

There was a 10 minute period in the 2nd half when Suarez was in the middle with Deering on the wing.  Suarez looked much more comfortable and composed than when he is on the outside.  His lack of speed was less noticeable and he did a fine job of directing the offense.  He was the best replacement yet for Pareja.  Hopefully Dir will give him a couple looks there as a sub or in training.

Miscellaneous Unofficial Stats

  Burn Jacksonville
Offside 11 2
Shots 13 7
Shots on Goal 8 2
Corner Kicks 7 3
Saves 2 5
Yellow Cards 7-'43 21-'28, 15-'74

  Official Box Score Summary

Referee: Misail Tsapas
Linesman: Horola Zayalney
Linesman:  Troy Travis
4th Official: Adam Garner
Jacksonville Cyclones vs. Dallas Burn
(Scoring 1 2 F)
Jacksonville   0   0   0
Dallas             3    0   3
DAL - Bobby Rhine (Leonel Alvarez) 17th minute
DAL - Bobby Rhine (Oscar Pareja) 35th minute
DAL - Bobby Rhine (Paul Broome) 43rd minute
Jacksonville- Dadi Larusson, Tim Broderick (Peter Santora 62'), Vilhjalmur Vilhjalmsson, Arron Simutowe, James Schmidt, Daniel Care, Jesus Ledesma (Mac Cozier 45'), Paul Tomaro (Brian Nickerson 45'), Alejandro Gonzalez, Jose De Oliviera, Jorge Munoz
Dallas - Matt Jordan, Eric Dade, Richard Farrer, Brandon Pollard, Jorge Rodriguez, Leonel Alvarez, Chad Deering, Mark Santel (Temoc Suarez 45'), Oscar Pareja (Ted Eck 55') , Paul Broome, Bobby Rhine (John Jairo Trellez 72')
Stats                 JAX      DAL
Shots                   7          13
Shots on Goal   2          8
Saves                  5          1
Corner Kicks     3           7
JAX - Jesus Ledesma (Tackle From Behind) 28th minute
DAL - Mark Santel (Dangerous Play) 44th minute
JAX - Vilhjalmur Vilhjalmsson (Dangerous Play) 74th minute


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