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We'll try and keep this as updated as possible with any new gossip or info.

Date Rumor Source Latest Chance 
10/11 Veteran defender Steve Morrow's formerly of Arsenal and QPR  claims to have an offer from Burn. Teamtalk Never heard of him, doubtful BUrn want an Engluish Defender given nature of this team. 10%
10/1 Kubik Gone everywhere Jeffries hasn't said he is staying, and talked about the possibility of getting an allocation. 99%
10/1 Burn Owner Don Garber, MLS Rumors there are two possible groups in Dallas. Of getting an owner?  90%.  Soon? 25%
7/4 Oscar and Pelusa Perez (crew) may rejoin DIM after the season. efernandez9  on BigSoccer.com Supposed press comment from Medellin. Their contracts with MLS are done after the season. Oscar says first he heard of it.
7/3 Burn looking at young Brazilian def. on a loan deal. Soccer America He came in on trial, but was a little too raw. was sent home after a week.
6/23 Regis interested in MLS ?? Wow, would the Burn love to get this guy. Probably about 0%
Happened Some P-40's may come out midseason from U-20 team. internetsoccer.com Phillip Saylor Anyone? Only DJ Countess came out.
6/6 Burn interested in Ritchie Kotschau Soccer America Tampa traded Eric Quill for Junior Agogo Not good after big Col deal.
Happened Burn hunting a RW Everywhere Lazo trade opened a roster spot, but we are hearing Cannon may not be final target.  Evans pick up may kill this. Acquired Amani-Dove.
Happened Lazo to be traded Rumor mill actually just a rumor of a trade, but most often Lazo's name is connected Traded 5/10
  Eddie Lewis returning to MLS Teamtalk Seems to be out of favor, but is LM our biggest need? MLS said he turned down chance to come back.
  Burn may sign Scott Cannon Times Dispatch Burn won the Discovery race, but have not signed yet. Burn went with DeBrito instead.
All 2001 Burn shopping for defensive backup. The Insider Since Pollard's retirement burn are a little thin at back.  see above... still actively looking
  Pat Onstad (Canadian GK) will be joining Burn. Teamtalk Has American wife and a green card. Report in Rochester says Dallas took his rights as a Discovery Player. Signed with Rochester 3/22 after failing to agree terms with MLS.
  Imad Baba asked to play in  Dallas if he resigns with MLS. Soccer America Have heard this a couple times.  Will probably depend on weather Jeffries wants him.  Valid source though. Traded to Colorado 3/19 (ish)
Happened San Diego Flash coach Colin Clarke and Brian Haynes will be Dallas assistant coaches TeamTalk The Insider says former Northern Island Player and former MLS player.  Which fit.  Also Clarke quit as SD coach. True 3/16/01
Happened Burn asking about Miles Joseph Internetsoccer Miles has been training with Burn for three weeks and wearing #12 since Pollard left. Columbus still officially own right. Acquired for Conditional Pick 3/21/01
Happened Burn to play Chivas in exhibition March 24 ?? The insider mentioned it, and Swift flew to Guadalajara to finalize, but no official announcement yet. Burn announced 3/14
  Graziani to play with River Plate in Copa Libertadores Telemundo They asked, Burn said no.  Graziani mentioned in interview. 0%
False True

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