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2001 SuperDraft

The Burn picks 

  1. Joselito Vaca
  2. Ryan Suarez
  3. Edward Johnson
  4. Josue Mayard
  5. Adam Zapala
  6. Gary DePalma
  7. Miguel Saavedra
  8. Roberto Najarro

Here is the entire 6 rounds...

2001 MLS SuperDraft order (as of January 9, 2000)
Pos Org Rd 1 Player Former Team Notes
1 SJ SJ Chris Carrieri P40 NC 2000 NCAA leading scorer
2 DC TB Ali Curtis Duke Duke all time leading scorer
3 CLB DC Mark Lisi  Clemson 1st Team NSCAA All-American
4 MIA DC Ryan Nelsen Y Int Stanford Captain 2000 New Zealand Olympic Team
5 COL DAL Joselito Vaca YInt Bolivia billed as the heir to Marco Etcheverry's No. 10 shirt in Bolivia.
6 NE TB Craig Demmin Rochester T&T Int.
7 DAL DAL Ryan Suarez SJ St. 1st Team NSCAA All-American
8 TB DC Santino Quaranta P-40 US U-17 US U-17, 51 games, 22 Ast, 23 gls.
9 LA LA Brian Mullan Creighton 2000: 26 games, 18 goals, 13 assists.
10 MET CLB Duncan Oughton CS FUllerton New Zealand Int.
11 CHI LA Isaias Bardales Jr. P-40 San Jose State US U-20
12 KC KC Jose Burciaga Jr. P-40 Duncanville US U-20
Pos Org Rd 2 Player Former Team  
1 SJ MET Rodrigo Faria ?? Brazalian
2 DC TB Devin Barclay P-40 SC Baltimore Stars US U-20
3 CLB DC Bryan Namoff Bradley 2000: 24 games, 15 goals, 10 assists
4 MIA LA Brian Ching Spokane Shadow PDL Rookie of the Year
5 COL COL Steven Herdsmen W Mich Edge er...
6 NE MIA Ali Ngon Monteal Impact Canadian U-20
7 DAL DAL Edward Johnson P-40 US U-17 Stud! 52 games, 33 goals, 19 Ast.
8 TB SJ Eddie Robinson N.C. 2000: 22 games, 3 goals, 2 assists.
9 LA NE Nick Downing P-40 Maryland U.S. U-20 National
10 MET LA Robert Russell  NC may go to Europe
11 CHI CHI Justin Evans  Pitt Riverhounds late 2000 call up for MLS Cup
12 KC KC Andrew Gregor  Seattle Sounders  Left MF
Pos Org Rd 3      
1 SJ DAL Jose Maynard Montreal Impact picked to be Right mid, Haitian Int.
2 DC MET Kerwyn Jemmott Joe Public T&T Int.
3 CLB CLB Edson Buddle P-40 Long Island RR US U-20
4 MIA DC Craig Zaide Richmond 2000 Colonial Athletic Association PoY
5 COL CHI Jim Curtin Villanova 6'4" Defender
6 NE CLB Kevin Adams ?? ??
7 DAL SJ Craig Waibel Seattle Sounders With LA for CONCACAF Cup
8 TB COL Ryan Lee UCLA NSCAA All-Far West Second Team
9 LA CHI Henry Ring South Carolina UMBRO Select East Team
10 MET TB Alberto Munoz ?? ??
11 CHI KC Ben Stafford Wake Forrest All-ACC in 2000: 16 goals, 6 assists.
12 KC COL Eric Lukin Ill.-Chicago Two-time Midwestern Collegiate Conference Player of the Year.
Pos Org Rd 4      
1 SJ SJ Fabio Eidelwine ?? ??
2 DC MIA Greg Simmonds Hershey Wildcats Jamaican, With DC for CONCACAF Cup
3 CLB CLB McKinley Tennyson UCLA Former U-18 National Team
4 MIA MIA Cory Gibbs Brown 2000 Ivy League PoY, set on Europe
5 COL COL Ryan Trout Virginia forward
6 NE NE Yari Allnut Rochester 2nd time with NE
7 DAL DAL Adam Zapala Stanford Owns five Stanford records
8 TB TB Adam Throop Chicago Sockers PDL GK of the Year
9 LA LA Brent Rahim UConn From Diego Martin, Trinidad
10 MET MET Martin Klingler ?? ??
11 CHI NE Fernando Ortiz Solis ?? ??
12 KC KC Pablo Webster Clemson 12 assists in 2000, defender
Pos Org Rd 5      
1 SJ SJ Corey Woolfolk Stanford forward
2 DC DC Caleb Norkus NC Captain of the N.C.
3 CLB CLB Scott Powers Brown career: 17 goals 22 assists
4 MIA MIA Teofilo Cubillas Nova Southern Mid
5 COL NE Eric Poque ?? ??
6 NE NE Shaun Tskaris UCLA 5th place on UCLA's all-time career assists list with 31.
7 DAL DAL Gary DePalma Pitt Riverhounds Mid
8 TB TB Mersim Beskoivc Westchester Flamse D
9 LA LA Alex Bangard CSU-DH 2000 Division II National Champions
10 MET MET Oneal Peart ?? ??
11 CHI KC Narciso Fernandes Wisconsin F/M
12 KC TB Hector Navarte Westchester Flames F
Pos Org Rd 6      
1 SJ SJ Jorge Martinez SJ St. 1st Team NSCAA All-American.
2 DC DC T. J. Hannig Indiana 1.17 GAA and a .683 sv% Sr year
3 CLB CLB Phil Karm Pitt Riverhounds F
4 MIA MIA Daoude Kante Florida Int. from West Africa
5 COL COL John Carroll Florida Int. Co Captain
6 NE NE Michael Feller Virginia Former US U-20
7 DAL DAL Miguel Saavedra P-40 Mequon United US U-18, trained with Burn during 2000 season
8 TB CHI Danny Risch Fresno St. Captain
9 LA LA Mike Potempa Clemson Started all 80 games he played in his career
10 MET MET Russell Payne ?? ??
11 CHI DAL Roberto Najarro UAB trained with US U-20
12 KC KC Matthew Cross Brown from Arlington Martin High School


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