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We'll print almost anything that isn't offensive.  If you don't want us to print your name and email address let us know and we'll take it out.

I'm a big Burn fan living in Slidell LA and we get some of the games on Fox Sports Southwest and ESPN2. I love the funny quotes and the "Dir'isms"!

Eric Rabalais

Thanks, most of the best one come from the Burn's epic struggle with LA.  -Ed.

Just wanted to say I enjoy 3rd Degree.  Keep it up.  Its the people behind it that give me every confidence that soccer is on it way to becoming the major sport it rightly deserves.

Mr. Rumor

Wow, Thanks. I must say we have enjoyed your work as well.  - Ed.

With the regular season starting next week for the Charleston Battery, Temoc has become not only a key player in our starting line-up, but also a positive media draw.  People in this area love it when a local does well, and the local news stations have taken a liking to the "Temoc comes home to play for the Battery" angle.  After our Open House this past Saturday, the local NBC affiliate ran a spot, including an interview with Temoc, about the upcoming season on the 11 pm news.  They focused on the pre-game skills clinic that was held on the pitch for local youths, and most of the footage was of Temoc working with the kids on the zig-zag dribbling setup.  The ABC affiliate showed match highlights of the 3-2 win over the D3 Charlotte Eagles, again with Temoc in virtually every shot. Including a beautiful curling free kick that a wind gust diverted at the last second, and Temoc's attempt to clear the Eagle's second goal off the line in the first half.  Everyone in the stands thought he'd headed it clear, but the referee ruled it as a goal.  No matter, we came back from 2 down at half-time, playing into an increasingly gusting wind, and pulled out the win against what seemed at times like a ten man defense. Temoc was glad to hear that the Burn fans wish him well, and sends his thanks and best wishes to the Burn, and all of the fans for the 2000 season. 

If anyone wants to send a greeting or message to him, I will gladly relay it (them).   You can send them through the 3rd Degree (I'm sure they'll be forwarded)  or access the Battery Fan Forum through our website at www.charlestonbattery.com.


Kit Hofen
Chsn. Battery Fan Forum hostess

Great to hear from you again, glad to hear Temoc is doing well.  -Ed.

I am  A  former TRINIDADIAN player with a killer shot,,,been trying to get in the msl for two years...ITS a total bias league .the REAL PLAYERS DONT GET A CHANCE TO GET IN,, ITS SO CRAZY..



Not sure I can help here... I just run a fanzine... -Ed.

I got an error message when I tried to access this news report.  Did you guys maybe set the link up to block Battery supporters?    I'm also a Burn fan, but Battery is my local club.  BTW, thanks for Temoc Suarez!!!  He scored a gorgeous goal from a free kick last night during an 8-0 slaughter of a local college side.  He also scored the first one of the eight.   Preseason is so much fun. 

I wore my Dallas Burn T-shirt to the match, and got a few strange looks.   Amazing the number of Battery fans who didn't make the connection.  They knew he played four games for Atlanta last season, but had no idea that he was on loan to the Apes from the Burn. I was the only one in the stands cheering him on.  He didn't look pleased when he was subbed out.  I don't think he rated his performance very highly.   He's the Battery's starting center mid/playmaker this year. He didn't get as much of the ball as he wanted, I think.  But it was the first preseason match for our side.  And he had a number of new signings, and tryout players, around him. In case anyone who was a fan of his during his stint with the Burn is interested.

Kit Summervillle,
SC Hostess of the Charleston Battery
Fan Forum Founding Member of the Battery Supporters Club,
The Regiment

Burn fan since I discovered MLS, last year. Advertising and scheduled game coverage will bring more onboard.


An error... um.. er... Our free server sucks?   Anyway, thanks for the report on Temoc.  I am sure all Burn fans wish him well.  Glad to hear he is doing well in his true position in the middle of the field.   Too bad he never got a shot there in Dallas. - Ed.

Hi. I'm brazilian, from Porto Alegre, in the extreme south of this country.
Here, the soccer is the most valuable sport, with good teams, including a world champions club, like Grêmio.
After met Dallas Burn, I start to like and support the team, trying to take last notices, informations and more but with no sucess because here we haven't much informations of your club. Then, i really like if you reply this mail talking to me if you have anyway to send for me anythinhg about the club, like souvenirs,shirts(i'ts beatiful) and other things than the other clubs makes with longers fans.
This is gonna be very rewarding to me and I go to show to my family and friends to create a mini-organization of supporters initiating with the material. Let's go the top.

Many Thanks for the Attention.

Fábio Torales
Rua Marechal Floriano Peixoto 390 ap.504
Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - BRASIL
CEP 90020-060 

P.S.sorry by my poor english...

Wow, a Burn fan from Brazil.   Anyone else want to send him some stuff.  I have an email address for him. -Ed.

I just wanted to write a short note to let you know I like the new look of your web page. One small question: any word yet on Zarco? -Robert Vega

Thanks.   As of 3/17 Zarco is practicing, is under contract, but is still negotiating. - Ed. 

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